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~ in Love


Oh ALLAH, I am deeply in love with this great man. Grant me the meeting with you and this man in your paradise. Ameen.

And the rest of the lecture series here: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLAEA99D24CA2F9A8F


1- Allah has raised mentioning and remembrance of the prophet Muhammad s.a.w
Ibn Abbas: whenever Allah is mentioned, Rasulullah is almost always mentioned following that (e.g syahadah, solawat, adhaan, khutbah, solah)

2- Prophet Muhammad is ‘Rahmatan lil-`aalamin’ – whatever related to him is associated with mercy

3- He has many names given by Allah and other people.
A scholar studied this and collected up to 250 different names of prophet Muhammad s.a.w. The name given by Allah have the deepest meaning.

(Mafhum from hadeeth narrated in Saheeh Muslim): I have number of names: Muhammad, Ahmad, alMāhi (yamhullahu bihi kufr), alhāsyir (allazi yahsyurunnāsu ‘alā qadami), al-‘āqib (no prophet after me), nabiyyu rrahmah, nabiyyuttawbah, al-muqoffa, al malāhim.

4- Meaning of Yahmadu – hamdan = to praise – not in return for something, higher than syukr – because of his inherited characteristic of perfection that is worthy of being praised
Allah, the angels and people of the world (including the non-believer) praise him. Although tongue (of some people) rejected it, but the heart could not deny the quality in him. He is praised in the heaven and the earth, dunia and the akhirah. No other human beings that is being praised more than Prophet Muhammad S.a.w

5- The ultimate praise by humanity:
On the day of judgment – The non-believer will recognise the truth
All humanity will come to Adam a.s., requesting him to beg to Allah to start the day of reckoning, but he will refuse due to his sin. He is worried of the sin more than everything else.
Then they will come to prophet Nuh a.s for the same reason but he also refuses, as he had asked Allah to save his son.
Then come to Ibrahim a.s. – refuses to his 3 lies (idol, sick, Sarah)
Then to Musa a.s. – refuses as he had unintentionally killed a person
Then to Eesa a.s.- but he also refuses. He said: “I am not worthy”
Lastly, all humanity will come to Muhammad s.a.w to request to be the intercessor, to plead to Allah, so that the day of reckoning will begin. He will say: “Ana lah, ana laha (this is my responsibility.)” He will come before Allah and all humanity will praise him.
This is called “al-maqam al-mahmoud” – the station of being ultimately praised

6- The meaning of the names of prophet Muhammad:
Muhammad – (from mufa33al) = continuously being praised (quantity)
Ahmad – (from af`al) = highest quality of praise (quality)
Al-Māhi = the one whom Allah efface the kufr. (expansion of islam is as if the land is wiped away)
Al-Hāsyir = The man will be resurrected under my feet i.e right after me. Muhammad will be the first to be resurrected followed by his nation.
Al-`āqib = successor, come at the end.
Nabiyy-ur-rahmah = the prophet of mercy
Nabiyy-ut-tawbah = Prophet of repentance. The source of repentance i.e. by his believing and following his teaching
Al-Muqoffa = comes at the end that make the message of the previous porophet complete.
Al-Malāhim = signals lots of trial. the biggest trial will come during the nation of Muhammad.

Specific and unique characteristics of Muhammad s.a.w that no other human being was given:
1- Final prophet
2- Allah has decreed Muhammad to be the prophet before Adam exist (between the mud and the ruh)
3- The only prophet sent for all humanity including the jinn.
4- Allah helped him with the fear inflicted to the heart of his enemy during his time even before physical meeting.
5- The largest ummah (sahih bukhari) – 2/3 of ahluljannah.
6- al-Quran – the miracle like no other, the living miracle.
7- Night journey of israa’ and mi’raaj – The only person called up in the presence of Allah
8- Leader of all humanity (ana sayyidu waladi aadam) sayyid = master, perfection of humanity, leader of humanity in the day of judgment
9- First human being to be resurrected (Sahih bukhari)
10- The first human being will be clothed
11- al-hawd pool (makkah to sana`a)
12- al-kawthar – the main river in jannah
13- The first crossing the sirat
14- The first entering jannah – The gate of Jannah will not open until he arrives.
15- Allah has blessed Muhammad with highest level of Jannah (at the pinnacle of al-Firdaus al-A`la, right under the ‘arasy of Allah) and this is the “al waseelah wal fadheelah” that Allah has promised him (mentioned in the prayer after adhaan)

*paradise has pyramid shape, more populated in the lowest level, fewer ppl in the higher level.


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