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Indahnya langit Ilahi.

How I wish to see this. But I know I might not even be able to see the sunrise or sunset on that day…


See 5 Bright Planets in Night Sky—First Time in 8 Years


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And thus we have made you a just community that you will be witnesses over the people and the Messenger will be a witness over you. And We did not make the qiblah which you used to face except that We might make evident who would follow the Messenger from who would turn back on his heels. And indeed, it is difficult except for those whom Allah has guided. And never would Allah have caused you to lose your faith. Indeed Allah is, to the people, Kind and Merciful. [Quran 2:143]

Ummatan wasathan
– by Mufti Ismail Menk of Zimbabwe during Fiqh Convention Feb 18-19, 2012.

Let the video do all the talking…

And I will continue my reading… firstly the precious ‘souvenir’ (which has already scribbled here and there) from the convention, and other 2 books to follow to prepare for my next phase of life (in hospital).  And also, in preparation to be amongst the ‘ummatan wasathan‘; The middle, yet the BEST. In sya’ Allah.

Neonates & Paeds (read: Babies & Kids), please be nice to me!

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The best friend


(The song was cut, but i keep this version because i love the wordings written in it. To listen to the full version: Nasheed: Sadiqi (My friend) by Mishary Al-Aradah)

تَفَكَّرْتُ يَومًا بمَعْنَى الصَّدٍيقِ وأَرْسَلتُ طرْفِي بِفِكْرٍ عَميْقٍ
تُرَى مَا سَيَرْسُوعَليهِ إختِيَارِي وَمَاذَا سَيَغدُو كَظِلِّ رَفِيقِيْ

وَقالُو سَيُضْنِيْكَ بَحْثٌ دقيقٌ فجَهَّزْتُ نَفْسِيْ لِبَحْثِ الدَّقِيقِ
رَكِبتُ البِحَارَى وخُضْتُ الصَّحَارَى وَسِرتُ النَّهَارَ وقدْ جَفَّ رِيْقِي
ويَمَّمْتُ شَطرَ الجِبَالِ الرَّوَاسِي وفِي قِمَّةٍ قُرْبَ وَادٍ سَحِيقٍ

دَعَوتُ الإلَهَ الَّذِي لا إلَهَ سِوَاهُ بِأنْ أهْتَدِي لِلطَّرِيقِ
دَعَوتُ الإلَهَ الَّذِي لا إلَهَ سِوَاهُ بِأنْ أهْتَدِي لِلطَّرِيقِ
أهْتَدِي لِلطَّرِيقِ

تَفَكَّرْتُ يَومًا بمَعْنَى الصَّدٍيقِ وأَرْسَلتُ طرْفِي بِفِكْرٍ عَميْقٍ
تُرَى مَا سَيَرْسُوعَليهِ إختِيَارِِي وَمَاذَا سَيَغدُوْ كظلِّ رَفِيقِي

فَإذْ بِي عَلَى حِينَ يَأسٍ وَصَمْتٍ بشَيخٍ وَقُوْرٍ حَكيمٍ رَفِيقِي
فَإذْ بِي عَلَى حِينَ يَأسٍ وَصَمْتٍ بشَيخٍ وَقُوْرٍ حَكيمٍ رَفِيقِي
بَدَتْ فِي مُحَيَّاهُ آثَارُ دَهْرٍ وَعَينَاهُ أوْحَتْ بِمَاضٍ عَرِيقٍ

فَغَادَرتُهُ سَائِلاً كَيفَ أختَار مِنْ بَيْنِ كُلَّ الأنَامِ صَدِيقِي
لَقَدْ طاَلَ صَبْرِي وَمَا زَالَ بَحرِي عَميقاً وَهَذا نِدَاءُ الغَريقِِ
كَأنِّي إلَيهِ أسِيرٌ فَهَل لِي بِعَينَيْ بَصِيرِ وكَفِّي طَلِيقِ

فَقَالَ استَِمعْ إنَّه مَن يُؤدِّي حُقُوقَ التآخِيْ كعَقدٍ وَثِيقِ
وَمَنْ حِينَ تُفضِي إلَيهِ بِهَمِّ وَغَمٍّ وَحَزْنٍ وَكَرْبٍ وَضِيقٍ
تَجِدْ مِنهُ جُودًا بِصَدرٍ رَحِيبٍ وَرَأيٍ رَشِيدٍ وَنُصْحٍ رَفِيقِي

وَمَا النَّحلُ إلا صَدِيقُ الإقَاحِي فَهَل نَالَ غَيرَ ارتِشَافِ الرَّحِيقِ
كَمَا اللَّيلُ إذ صَاحَبَ النَّجْمَ دَهْرًا فَهَلْ كَانَ يَحْلُو بِغَيْرِ البَرِيْقِ
فَصَاحِبْهُ لِلخَيرِِِ وَالعَقلِ وَالصِّدقِ وَالُنُّصْحِ تَلْقىَ الصَّدِيقَ الحَقيقِي
فَصَاحِبْهُ لِلخَيرِِِ وَالعَقلِ وَالصِّدقِ وَالُنُّصْحِ تَلْقىَ الصَّدِيقَ الحَقيقِي

*One of the song played during the course in relation to the attribute of Allah al-Wadoud that everyone broke into tears… (oh and i don’t do translation anymore as my language is deteriorating… )

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“Hey, how would you celebrate the valentine’s day?”

I was surprised to receive a sudden question from my colleague during our night shift. I mean, he always ask questions, but not this kind of question.
“I don’t celebrate it.”
I said firmly.
“Why? Is it against your religion?”

“Yes, it is against my religion and yours too.”
“My religion? How?”
“Well, you should know the origin of the valentine’s day before you decide to celebrate it.”

The origin of Valentine’s Day

It is Saint Valentine’s Day, which takes the name of Saint Valentine, a Christian ‘martyr’. This so-called martyr was persecuted on February 14th, AD 269, by the Roman Emperor Claudius II for performing marriage ceremony secretly which was against the emperor’s order. The emperor, who wanted to grow his army, ordered young men to remain single as he believed that married man did not make for good soldier. [Wikipedia]

There are many versions of the origin of the Valentine’s Day, but basically, the celebration is a part of memorial of the Saint Valentine’s ‘martyrdom’ which is against islamic teachings. For Allah has said:

“For you is your religion, and for me is my religion.”[al-Kaafirun: 6]

Abu Sa’id al-Khudri reported Allah’s Messenger (may peace be upon him) as saying: You would tread the same path as was trodden by those before you inch by inch and step by step so much so that if they had entered into the hole of the lizard, you would follow them in this also. We said: Allah’s Messenger, do you mean Jews and Christians (by your words)” those before you”? He said: Who else (than those two religious groups)? [Sahih Muslim, Book 034, No. 6448]

Although nowadays this day is not only celebrated by Christians, in fact some even denies its relation to Christianity, but we should aware of its origin which has no basis in islam, and it is known to be associated with immoral conduct. (Read: the cross festivals)

من تشبه بقوم فهو منهم
Narrated from Abdullah bin Umar r.a: The Prophet (prayers and peace of Allah be upon him) said: “Whoever imitates (a group of) people, is (considered) one of them” [Sunan Abu Daud, no: 4031].

The islamic rulings regarding celebration of valentine’s day

“The 71st Muzakarah (Conference) of the Fatwa Committee of the National Council for Islamic Religious Affairs Malaysia held on 22nd-24th November 2005 has discussed the ruling on Muslims celebrating Valentine’s Day. The Conference decided that the teachings of Islam stress on love and there is no specific day in Islam to celebrate it. Therefore, The Conference decided that the practice of celebrating Valentine’s Day is not part of Islam. The spirit of the celebration contains elements of Christianity and its practice that is mixed with sinful acts is prohibited and contradicts with Islam.” [Read: The Ruling on Muslims Celebrating Valentine’s Day]

“Keputusan Jawatankuasa Fatwa Negeri Selangor telah menyatakan melalui Mesyuarat Jawatankuasa Fatwa Negeri Selangor Kali 1/2006 pada 21 Februari 2006 telah memutuskan bahawa amalan merayakan Valentine’s Day tidak pernah dianjurkan oleh Islam. Roh perayaan tersebut mempunyai unsur-unsur Kristian dan amalannya yang bercampur dengan perbuatan maksiat adalah bercanggah dan dilarang oleh Islam”. [Read: Sambutan Hari Kekasih Salah Di Sisi Islam]

read also : Ruling on celebrating Valentine’s Day – islam Q&A

Valentine’s day and pre-marriage relationship

Valentine’s day is strongly associated with unlawful pre-marriage relationship. This is the most awaited day mostly by young (unmarried) couples – who’s at the age with heart craving to love and being loved – to prove their unconditional love to each other. They exhibit their affection to each other in various ways, some of which to that extend of committing adultery. Wa-liya-na’uzubiLLah. Therefore the call against the pre-marriage relationship should not only during the month of February, but should be ongoing and addressed at all time.

And do not approach unlawful sexual intercourse. Indeed, it is ever an immorality and is evil as a way. [al-israa’: 32]

And today, my heart ached after attending a case of rape and sodomy of a 16 year-old girl – by her own trusted boyfriend. Initially the family attempted to negotiate with the boyfriend’s family – for marriage, but eventually they made a police report after being rejected. I tried my best not to be emotional and judgemental, but I just could not hide my aching heart to see such case and the fact that she reminded me of all the single mothers that I encountered during my posting in obstetrics & gynaecology.

May Allah protect us all from the evil. Ameen. 

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Tawaakul vs Tawakkul


And when they have [nearly] fulfilled their term, either retain them according to acceptable terms or part with them according to acceptable terms. And bring to witness two just men from among you and establish the testimony for [the acceptance of] Allah. That is instructed to whoever should believe in Allah and the Last day. And whoever fears Allah – He will make for him a way out. And He will provide him from (sources) he could never imagine. And whoever puts their trust in Allah, then He will suffice him. Verily, Allah will accomplish His purpose. Indeed, Allah has set a measure for all things.’ [Quran 65: 2-3]

Read: The Levels Of Tawakkul: Trust and Reliance on Allah

فعن أنس بن مالك -رضي الله عنه- أن رسول الله -صلى الله عليه وسلم- قال لفاطمة -رضي الله عنها
ما يمنعك أن تسمعي ما أوصيك به أن تقولي إذا أصبحت وإذا أمسيت
يا حَيُّ يا قَيُّوم بِرَحمَتِكَ أستَغِيث أصلِحْ لِي شَأنِي كُلَّهُ وَلا تَكِلْنِي إلى نَفسِي طَرْفَةَ عَين
[رواه النسائي في السنن الكبرى والحاكم والبزار، وحسنه الألباني]

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أسماء الله الحسنى ( رائعة و مؤثرة

الله رَبُّنا هُوَ الإِلَهُ
لَهُ مِنَ الأسْمَاءُ مَا اصْطَفَاهُ
الوَاحِدُ الحَىُّ كَذا المَلِيْكُ
وَ المَلِكُ المَالِكُ لَا شَرِيْكُ

وَ الصَّمَدُ السَّيِّدُ وَ المُبِيْنُ
وَالأحَدُ العَظِيْمُ المتينُ
وَإنَّهُ الحَقُّ العّلِيُّ الأعْلىَ
المُتَعَالِ الوِتْرُ قَدْ تَجَلىَّ

وَإنَّهُ المَجِيدَ وَالعَلِيمُ
وَالقادِرُ القَدِيرُ وَالحَلِيمُ
وَإنَّهُ السَّمِيعُ وَالبَصِيرُ
وَالأوَّلُ والآخِرُ وَالسِّتِّيرُ

والظَّاهِرُ البَاطِنُ وَالكَبِيرُ
وَالوَارِثُ الرَّقِيبُ وَالنَّصِيرُ
سُبْحَانَهُ البَارِئُ وَالمُصَوِّرُ
وَالقَابِضُ البَاسِطُ وَالمُسَعِّرُ

(post double-weekend-course mood: Valley of the Seekers, Living with the names of Allah)

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