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Kerana exam…



Exam, exam, exam.

“Boleh tangguh usrah tak? Esok exam.”

“Meeting? Kitorg nak exam lah. Later ok?”

“Alamak, jauhnye rumah kak Ina. Tak maula pi open house umah dia. Lagi 2 hari exam.”

“Hah? Nak datang rumah? Jap, tanye housemate boleh tak. Kitorg exam esok.”

“‘Malas gi Qiyamullayl. Time consuming. Study tak habis lagi ni.”

“Ala… junior tu biarla budak universiti lain uruskan. Takkan tak paham kitorg nak exam?”

“Sorryla, saya tak sure lagi boleh join ke tak, exam Selasa ni.” (hari ini Jumaat!)

Study no. 1, exam fikir dulu.
Ukhuwah ditolak tepi, dakwah dipandang sepi – ah, nanti masa lapang baru buat! Apa nak kata, exam dah dekat. Tak study, baca soalan pun nanti terkulat2.

Kalau exam setiap minggu?
So, I’m unavailable for the whole week, because the exam is soo freak. Tunggu habis final la ye? Lagipun ‘kite’ low profile, tak payah kenal orang, and orang tak payah kenal kita. Fair enough!

Final exam is twice a year, and so the long post-exam holiday; Winter and Summer Holiday. And thus the da’wa activity, the ukhuwah?

Biarkan. Semua kerana exam. Ya, kerana exam!

Exam bersalah? Lecturer bersalah? Admin Universiti bersalah?
Jika begitu, marilah kita beramai2 membuat demonstrasi di hadapan admin & exam office. Say NO to exam.


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My good friend Zaatil requested this song from me, so here goes;


ليسَ الغَريبُ هو الذي فارَغَ الدِّيارَ وَدَّعَ الآن

ولكِنّ الغَريبَ هو الذي يَجِدُّ والنّاسُ مِن حَولِهِ يَلعَبون

ويَصْحُو والناسُ مِن حَولِهِ يَنامون

ويَسلُكُ دَربَ الخَيرِ والناسُ في ضَلالِهم يَتَخَطَّطون

وصَدَقَ الشاعِرُ إذ يَقول:


قالَ لي صاحِبٌ أراكَ غَريباً

بَينَ هذا الأنامِ دونَ خَليلِ

قُلتُ كَلا! بَلِ الأنامُ غَريبٌ

أنا في عالَمِ وهذه سَبيلي

هذا هو الغَريب

غَريبٌ عِندَ العابِثينَ مِنَ البَشَر

ولكنّهُ عِندَ رَبِّهِ في مَقامِ كَريم


غُرَباء غُرَباء غُرَباء غُرَباء

غُرَباءُ ولِغَيرِ الله لا نَحني الجِباة

غُرَباءُ وارتَضَيناها شِعاراَ للحَياة

إن تَسألْ عَنّا فَإنَّ لا نُبالِ بِالطَّغَاة

نَحنُ جُندُ اللهِ دَوماً دَربُنا دَربُ الأباة


لَن نُبالِ للقُيُود بَل سَنَمضي للخُلود

فَلنُجاهد ونُناضِل ونُقاتِل مِن جَديد

غُرَباءُ هكذا الأحرارُ في دُنيا العَبيد


كَم تَذاكَرنا زَماناَ يَومَ كُنّا سُعاداء

بِكِتابِ اللهِ نَتلُوهُ صَباحاً ومَساءً


قالَ رَسولُ اللهِ صَلى اللهُ عَلَيهِ وسَلَّم:

” بَدَأ الإسلامُ غَريباً وسَيَعودُ غَريباَ كَما بَدَأ فَطُوبُى للغُرَباء”

منشد: الشيخ سعد بن سعيد الغامدي




The stranger is not the one who empties the house and bids farewell now
But the stranger is who is serious while the people around him play

And is awake while the people around him sleep

And follow the best path while the people around him plot and plan in their misguidance
And truthful was the poet when he said:

My friend said to me: ‘I see you as a stranger
Amongst these people without a close friend’
I said: ‘Nay! But the people are strange,

I’m in this world and this is my way

This is the stranger
Strange in the view of those who jest and mock from amongst mankind

But in the sight of his Lord, he is at a Noble Station

The strangers do not bow the foreheads to anyone besides Allah
The strangers have chosen this to be the motto of life

If you ask about us, then we do not care about the tyrants
We are the regular soldiers of Allah; our path is the reserved path

We never care about the chains, rather we’ll continue forever
So let us make jihad, and battle, and fight from the start
The strangers, this is how they are free in the enslaved world

How many times we remembered a time when we were happy
In the book of Allah, we recite in the morning and the evening

The Prophet Peace Be Upon Him said:

“Islam began as something strange, and it will return as something strange the way it began. So ‘tooba’ (blessedness) for the strangers.”


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Introducing: The Outlandish


Well, I’m currently attached to a new (new to me) nasyeed-like Danish hip-hop band: Outlandish. (The songs are even much better than some ‘junk’ so-called nasyeeds by many Munsyeeds or Singers I should say?) But above all, it depends on how you interprete the meaning of the word ‘nasyeed’ itself. No offence!

Who are they? A brief introduction by the most reliable source of information: Wikipedia (well, that’s what my Anatomy lecturer said :P)

Outlandish is a Danish hip-hop group based in Denmark. Formed in 1997, they consist of Isam Bachiri (born in Denmark and of Moroccan background), Waqas Ali Qadri (born in Denmark and of Pakistani background), and Lenny Martinez (from Honduras). All three members are religious, with Isam and Waqas being devout Muslims, and Lenny being Catholic. The band members lived in Brøndby Strand. (read more…)

Or you can just simply drop by their official website by clicking here. 🙂

Most of their songs are based on humanity issues, the issues regarding Islamic World and Europian Civilizations. Senang cerita, kesemua lagu (based on the lyrics) memberi pengajaran kepada pendengar, In sya’ Allah. (but to those who feels like the song is more important than the lyrics, I can’t help you.)

The album that I like most is ‘Closer Than Veins’. The title reminds me to a verse in the Qur’an (can’t remember the surah), but the ayah told us that Allah is close to us, even closer than the vein! Well, anatomically, the vein mentioned is the Internal Jugular Vein – the deepest vein in the neck – and it’s one of the most important structure in human body. (mungkin lainkali saya boleh bawakan gambarnya di sini… atau boleh saja bertanya pada prof. google 🙂 ) So, can you imagine how close is Allah to us? And how should He be so dear to us? Subhan-Allah!

Here I include one of my favourite songs:

Look Into My Eyes
(attribute to Palestinians)

Look into my eyes
Tell me what ya see
U don’t see a damn thing
Cuz u can’t relate to me

U blinded by our differences
My life makes no sense to u
I’m the persecuted one
U the red, white and blue

Each day u wake in tranquility
No fears to cross your eyes
Each day I wake in gratitude
Thankin’ God He let me rise

Ya worry ‘bout your education
And the bills u have to pay
I worry ‘bout my vulnerable life
And if I’ll survive another day

Ya biggest fear is getting a ticket
As ya cruise your Cadillac
My fear is that the tank that’s just left
Will turn around and come back

Yet do u know the truth of where ya money goes
Do u let the media deceive your mind
Is this a truth that nobody knows
Has our world gone all blind
Yet do u know the truth of where ya money goes
Do u let the media deceive your mind
Is this a truth that nobody knows
Some one tell me

Oh let’s not cry tonight
I promise you one day it’s through
Ohohoh my brothers
Ohohoh my sisters

Oh shine a light for every soul
That ain’t with us no more
Ohohoh my brothers
Ohohoh my sisters

See I’ve known terror for quite some times
57 years so cruel
Terror breathes the air I breathe
It’s the check point on my way to school

Terror is the robbery of my land
And the torture of my mother
The imprisonment of my innocent father
The bullet in my baby brother

The bulldozers and the tanks
The gasses and the guns
The bombs that fall outside my door
All due to your funds

You blame me for defending myself
Against the ways of my enemies
I’m terrorized in my own land
And I’m the terrorist

Yet do u know the truth of where ya money goes
Do u let the media deceive your mind
Is this a truth that nobody knows
Has our world gone all blind
Yet do u know the truth of where ya money goes
Do u let the media deceive your mind
Is this a truth that nobody knows
Some one tell me

American do ya realize
That the taxes that u pay
Feed the forces that traumatize
My every living day

So if I won’t be here tomorrow
It’s written in my fate
May the future bring a brighter day
The end of our wait

Watch the video here.

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Happy “Belated” ‘Eid!


Alhamdulillah, berpeluang juga untuk mencoretkan sesuatu dlm blog despite the time restriction disebabkan exam yang sentiasa ‘menghiasi’ hidup kami di sini… (Well, got another paper tomorrow; Basic Principle of Trauma).

Hopefully it’s not too late to wish you all a very happy and blessed ‘Eid-ul-Fitr. Gembira & bersyukur dengan kedatangan Syawal, tapi juga sedih atas pemergian Ramadhan. Moga2 tarbiyyah dlm Ramadhan yang belum lama berlalu masih terkesan dalam hati kita. Dan mudah2an juga kita dipertemukan lagi dengan Ramadhan akan datang. Ameen. Teringat doa dalam Qunut nazilah pada malam terakhir Ramadhan di sini, sangat menginsafkan dan …. (err, i couldn’t describe it by words). Tapi, sungguh, tidak mudah untuk mendapat perasaan seperti pd malam tu… Ma sya’-Allah! Rindu pada suasana Ramadhan! Dan buat pertama kalinya kami menyaksikan kematian Muslim di Dublin, on 29th Ramadhan (my birthday!) – dan disolatkan in between solat tarawih. Allahumma irham-hu wa ‘aafi-hi wa’fu’an-hu. Moga2 kita juga ditentukan kesudahan yang baik di dunia & akhirat. Ameen.

Ok, masuk bab raya, biasalah, adat hidup di perantauan – lagi2 di negara yang rata2 penduduknya tidak mengenal apa itu Ramadhan, apa itu Syawal, apa itu ‘Eidul fitr – usahlah berangan bercuti di hari raya. Melainkan buat cuti sendiri, a.k.a ponteng. 😛 
Well, actually it’s not that bad. It depends on which area we live in, and which university are we in. Ada yg rasa raya meriah, hari2 pergi jalan raya after class, tapi ada juga yang rasa sunyi, which they even couldn’t attend the invitation for ‘eid open house. (The latter are usually UCDians and probably 5th year medical students.. isk). Tapi tak kisahlah.. nak raya macam kat Malaysia kena la balik Malaysia :P. ‘Takziah’ untuk my colleague, ada yang terpaksa beraya dalam disection room dambil jawab soalan exam. Anggaplah ia sebagai tarbiyyah utk kita 😉
(Note: a number of Universities & Colleges in Dublin: UCD, TCD, RCSI, DBS, etc. – and UCD je yg kerap exam)

Hmm, I’m running out of time, so that’s all. 

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